What the Art of Storytelling Can Teach Us about Marketing

This post by Jason Kong originally appeared on The Book Designer on 3/11/15.

If you’re like many fiction authors, promoting your work does not top your list of favorite activities.

Various marketing tasks may seem foreign and difficult. Perhaps you feel hamstrung by a lack of knowledge or confidence. And to top it off, you’re under extra pressure knowing you have to sell to succeed.

The good news? Your perception of marketing is probably worse than the reality. Just because you don’t have an MBA doesn’t mean you’re at the bottom of the learning curve. In fact, you’re in better shape than you realize, thanks to one clear advantage.

Your ability to tell a darn good story.

Yes, it’s true: being a fiction writer makes you a better marketer. All that storytelling experience not only helps you create a better product, but ultimately helps you promote it.

Let’s take a closer look as to how.


1. Only the right readers matter

Your words come from a certain perspective, and take place in a particular world. Not everyone will want to be part of what you created.

That’s fine. In fact, that’s great.

Why? Your writing is meant for you, and others like you. There’s no use worrying about those that don’t get it.


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