After The Love Has Gone

This post by Gina Holmes originally appeared on Novel Rocket on 1/9/15.

When the writing journey begins, we’re wide-eyed, hopeful and possibly frothing at the mouth to master the craft of writing, get a publishing contract, make a name for ourselves and maybe even change the world. Oh, yeah, and a Pulitzer would be nice … since we’re dreaming and all.

Then something happens. We actually do it! We get everything we thought we wanted, (except maybe the Pulitzer), but it’s not quite the happily ever after we thought it’d be. It’s work. Drudgery. Deadlines. Lackluster sales. Some great reviews, and some not so great. We get that industry nod we salivated about in our wannabe days in the form of a coveted award. After celebrating with our pretty little trophy in our pretty little dress, we wake up the next morning with all the same problems we had the day before.

I guess writing is a lot like romantic love. There’s a reason fairy tales end with the star-crossed lovers riding off into the sunset. Who wants to see them have their first fight over who’s doing more housework? Or watch them struggle to pay for that dream house? Or try to lose the baby or beer gut?


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