Put Calls To Action In The Back Of Your Books To Sell More Books

This post originally appeared on the Book Marketing Tools blog on 5/5/14.

There are two different kinds of book marketing, active marketing and passive marketing, and both are important.

Active marketing is when you go out to tell others about your book through blog tours, giveaways, free promotions, tweeting about your book, and more.

Passive marketing is setting up fan building and book selling mechanisms once, which will help you to continue to sell books passively once they are all set up.

A combination of both of these forms of book marketing will definitely help you to sell more books.


Use Calls To Action
Putting calls to action in the back of your book is a form of passive marketing that will help you to sell more books. Once you set up these calls to action and you publish the update to your books, you’re done, but they will continue to help you to sell books.

If a reader makes it to the end of your book, they are going to go somewhere. Direct them where you need them to go. If you can direct them in a specific direction, then you are likely to keep them as a reader. If you don’t, they may move onto the next book in their reading list, then you will have lost the opportunity to continue to sell to them.


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