Creative Ideation: Know When to Say When

This post by Tom Nixon originally appeared on alchemy on 6/24/14.

Throw out your first idea, and work to improve your last.

When starting a creative project, whether it be a marketing campaign, an advertising concept, a website relaunch or new brand strategy, there is a common pitfall that is very difficult for some to overcome — falling in love with the first idea.

Usually, the first idea that comes to you does so rather easily. Take that as a warning sign, not as a comfort. If it comes naturally and intuitively, it could be that you’re a creative genius. Let’s not bank on that. It’s more likely that your idea has already been done before. So, subliminally, you’ve arrived in a comfort zone because your idea has already been tested and validated in the market, so it feels both safe and creative at the same time.

The problem is, your safe and creative original idea is too often nothing more than a “me-too” regurgitation of someone else’s idea.


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