New Non-Scientific Information About Not Good Enough Syndrome

This post by Andrew E. Kaufman originally appeared on The Crime Fiction Collective blog on 4/16/14.

I’m reaching a point in my current manuscript where I feel as though I’m starting to get a handle on things.

Well, that’s a relative term.

One never truly has a handle on things when one suffers from what is known as Not Good Enough Syndrome. You may have heard of this affliction. It’s non-specific, widely undocumented, and for the most part, difficult to diagnose.

Symptoms may include:

• Self doubt

• Self-loathing

• Second-guessing everything.

• Not liking anything.

• Lack of inspiration, ideas, or sanity.

• Isolated episodes of global panic (with intermittent aspirations of world-building).

• Private, self-contained tantrums, which can range in severity.

And there are subcategories, and of course, I have a few of those as well. Currently I’m in the throes of, There Aren’t Enough Damned Twists in this Book! (Yes! There is an actual exclamation point at the end! A demarcation of severity!)


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