How Indie Authors Sell Foreign Rights

This post by Orna Ross originally appeared on ALLi on 6/6/13.

The good news for us, as indie authors, is that rights issues are greatly simplified. We own our rights and we can decide what we want to do with them. We are not bound by a publisher’s overall policy and loyalties to other titles.

The bad news is too often we don’t know how to deal with translation rights. Here are some suggestions of ways you might handle them.


1: Sell English Language eBooks in International Book Stores.

Amazon has a number of Kindle stores in different countries:,,,,,,,, and

Once you load your books, they are automatically for sale in all stores. Those countries that do not have their own store are included in one of the bigger stores. e.g. customers in Australia in (Note: This information subject to change as Amazon extends into more territories)

Other companies like Apple and Kobo are also aggressively pushing into overseas markets.


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