50 Tools That Can Improve Your Writing Skills

This post originally appeared on dumblittleman in May of 2007. a

Last year we posted a large list of tips aimed at improving your writing skills. Since then, the site that we referenced changed all of the links and our post was rendered useless.

That is until today. Rory Sullivan a reader of DLM, displayed some remarkable generosity (that he calls nerdishness). He took the time to update all 50 of the links and he asked that Dumb Little Man republish this great list. The decision was pretty simple for me because I actually use these sites as reference for my own writing.

So with that, here is the original list with the updated URLs. Before you start firing off emails to your customers or you embark on that eBook writing project, do yourself a favor and review.



Click here to view the full, linked list of 50 writing tip articles on dumblittleman.