Invitation To Guest Blog For The Book Designer

This post, by Joel Friedlander, originally appeared on his The Book Designer site on 1/12/14.

I want to make you famous.

Well, famous to a well-defined group of people; the readers of this blog.

As the world of self-publishing expands, it becomes more difficult for any one person to stay up to date with new services, advancing technologies, and the people who are making change happen.

At the same time I’m finding new ways to address the needs of indie book publishers by offering more and more choices for solid, well-constructed books.

This started with the articles on the blog that deal with
◾ Self-publishing basics
◾ Book design and production
◾ Distribution and discounting
◾ Marketing and platform building

It grew with the launch of my video-based training course for authors, the Self-Publishing Roadmap.

Now it includes the tools for authors at Book Design Templates, and will soon expand again.

However, this leaves me less time than ever before.


Write for The Book Designer

To accommodate all this growth, I’m looking for a few bloggers who would like to get “famous” by appearing on my blog. I’m looking for people who can make complex ideas simple, respond to what readers want to learn, and inspire writers to believe in their own publishing dreams.


Click here to read the rest of the post, which includes directions for how to contact Joel, on The Book Designer.