Publetariat's Back, But It's A Work In Progress

Thanks to the pro-bono efforts of the very generous Shawn E. Bell, Publetariat is back online and all of the original site posts were preserved. However, while the “bones” of the site and its content are here, most of the recovered content has yet to be properly categorized into the various Departments (e.g., Sell, Write, Design, etc.). I figured it was important to get all the existing content back online and available to site visitors as quickly as possible, so that has been my priority. You can use the site’s search function (in the right-hand sidebar) to locate specific articles while categorization and cleanup work continues behind the scenes.

Note that while the site’s main web address is still, the URLs for every piece of site content have changed. If you’ve linked to specific Publetariat content in the past, those links are now broken. I’m very sorry about the inconvenience, but it really couldn’t be helped. Frankly, we were lucky to recover the site’s content at all.

Thanks for your patience and support. Publetariat may not resume its usual editorial posting schedule for a few more weeks, but I’m very happy to be able to make the site and its content available to all of you once again.

– April L. Hamilton
Publetariat Founder & Editor in Chief