Kindle Nation Daily Offers Discounts On Author / Publisher Sponsorships

We here at Publetariat don’t often post about author services, but we can endorse Kindle Nation Daily with confidence so we are sharing this news from the site.

Holiday Greetings from Kindle Nation.

Back in October we had a lot of fun with a special offer on sponsorships that we ran for just five days, and rather than try to reinvent the wheel we thought it would be just the thing to repeat as we were casting around for a way to express our gratitude for the authors and publishers who have stepped up to connect with our readers by sponsoring Kindle Nation over the past year.

So, we’ll make this easy:

If you book sponsorships on our site anytime between today and December 23, we’ll offer you the same 7.7% “Baker’s Dozen” discount that we usually reserve for our highest-volume sponsors. (This discount will come in the form of a 7.7% rebate that will be processed as a refund to your PayPal account between December 27 and December 31, on top of any package discounts to which you are already entitled!)


2013 is going to be the biggest year ever for Kindle readers and for Kindle Nation, and we hope you’ll make it a point to let us help you stay connected with our readers all through the year.

Holiday Blessings and Best Wishes for a Glorious 2013!
Steve Windwalker and the team at Kindle Nation