Publetariat Endorses Kindle Nation Daily For Kindle Book Marketing

A message from Publetariat founder and Editor in Chief, April L. Hamilton

Publetariat has never taken the endorsement of goods and services intended for indie authors and small imprints lightly. Publetariat has always erred on the side of caution in this area because there are lots of rip-off artists out there who specifically target our community, making their living off our hopes, and in many cases, our desperation. We take our audience’s trust very seriously, and understand Publetariat’s reputation as a reliable, respectable resource hinges on that trust.

However, in the interests of bringing deserving, effective tools to the attention of Publetariat’s audience, I am giving Kindle Nation Daily‘s Sponsorship Program my personal endorsement, and the endorsement of Publetariat. 

KND is one of the oldest, most heavily-trafficked and most respected sites dedicated to Kindle content; Kindle owners flock to this site, and they trust it. The site made its name with news and commentary of interest to Kindle owners, and then built on that core content by adding categorized lists of free, quality 99 cent (‘quality’ means an average Amazon review rating of 4/5 stars or higher), and Kindle Lending Library -eligible Kindle books, all of which are updated all around the clock.

One of the reasons I can recommend KND’s Sponsorship program without reservation is that KND is totally transparent when it comes to sharing the results of advertising on their sites. KND has advertising options starting as low as $30, and since the site insists on a minimum quality level before agreeing to run advertising for a given book, site visitors know the books they find advertised there have already been subjected to some scrutiny.

Perhaps most importantly, KND is truly dedicated to serving the needs of both authors and readers. One example of this dedication is their recently-launched eBookTracker service: a very useful and totally free tool that makes it easy to track sales rank and pricing changes on any book Amazon carries—like yours, for example.

So if you’ve got a Kindle book that’s not selling as well as you’d hoped, take a look at the Kindle Nation Daily Sponsorship Program. It carries the Publetariat seal of approval.

– April L. Hamilton


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