Book Marketing Toolbox – Free Conference Pro

Today I want to share another of my favorite free book marketing tools with you. Free Conference Pro is one of several companies that provide free conference calling and recording services.

Here are just a few ways that authors can use this no-cost resource to promote their books and run their business:


  • Record yourself reading an excerpt from your book to use as a promotional tool.
  • Do conference calls with your project team or author group.
  • Conduct and record teleseminars with up to 200 live participants.
  • Do recorded interviews of other authors or experts.
  • Record consultations with clients so they don’t have to focus on writing notes.
  • Record audio presentations to distribute on your podcast or website, or sell as a downloadable product.
  • Record an audio greeting to play (on demand) on your website.

What other ways can authors use a free conference call service? Please share your ideas in the comments area below. See previous book marketing toolbox columns here.


This is a cross-posting from Dana Lynn Smith‘s The Savvy Book Marketer.