Some Bestselling Kindle Authors Weigh In On The Kindle Revolution

This post, by Steve Windwalker, originally appeared on his indieKindle blog on 3/22/11.

One remarkable by-product of the Kindle Revolution during the past few months is the extent to which some Kindle authors are achieving a very new kind of indie rock star status as a result both of their ebook sales and of the fact that they have found various ways to build special followings and connections among readers, ways that are distinctly different from the kinds of connections that were available in the pre-Kindle world of publishing way back before 2008.

For those of us who are keenly interested in trying to understand where all of this leads, some of the blog posts by these wunderKindlers can make for extremely interesting reading. So, in addition to publishing a fascinating (and very long) post in its entirety here, I’m going to provide links to several other recent authors’ posts that have caught my eye recently because,  I believe, they add something of value to the historical record of this revolution:

and, last but not least, and presented here in its entirety with Joe Konrath’s permission:

Originally posted at Joe Konrath’s A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing blog, March 19, 2011:

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