Information For Innovation

In this Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) podcast and transcript, the CCC’s Chris Kenneally interviews Martha Anderson about the U.S. Library of Congress’s efforts to collect and classify digital media. The podcast and transcript are provided here in their entirety with the permission of the CCC.

A discussion with Martha Anderson, director of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program for the Library of Congress, recording while attending the annual NFAIS Conference in Philadelphia. Anderson tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally about her efforts to collect all manner of digital content, from Twitter tweets to amateur videos.

“I think the real value of this for the nation ongoing – for each of us as citizens; for each of us as students or researchers; or just people who are interested in life – is the ability to see things come together from different viewpoints, from different kinds of disciplines,” says Anderson of the powerful potential in combining this data in new and unexpected ways. “It will help drive the kind of innovation that we want. We want new thought. We need new ideas about how to solve our problems and that’s where this data comes in.”


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