Publetariat Vault Opens To Indie Press -Published Authors

By popular request, the Publetariat Vault is now open to authors who are published with a small, independent press and wish to seek a larger publisher or literary agent, or who hope to connect with TV, film, game and other content producers. Vault listings are free of charge through June of this year, and Vault University’s Author Platform/Promo curriculum is offered free of charge to any author with an active Vault listing, making this a terrific opportunity for indie authors of every stripe.

If you have no idea what the Vault is, here’s a description from the site:

The Publetariat Vault provides a groundbreaking service: the opportunity to get your self-published or indie-published book in front of the agents, publishers and producers who are seeking proven books for representation or low-risk acquisitions. If you’ve ever thought that if agents, publishers or producers only knew how much readers like your book, or how well it’s selling, or what a great job you’re doing to promote both it and yourself, they’d sit up and take notice, then the Vault was made for you…

For purposes of the Vault, a "small, independent press" is defined as any publisher which is not an imprint of a larger, corporate trade publisher (e.g., Random House, Penguin, etc.). We’re making this distinction, and limitation, because self-published authors and authors published by small, indie presses have less exposure to agents, producers and large publishers than those who are already published by larger publishers. Since Publetariat is all about serving the needs of indies everywhere, it seems only fair to make Vault listings available to indie press -published authors.

To learn more about the Vault, you can click here to view a blank listing form, here to view a sample published listing, and here to view the search form agents, publishers and content producers will use. Click here to view the site’s FAQ, and here to view the site’s Terms of Use.

To list a book in the Vault for free through the end of June, just go to the Vault site, review the Terms of Use and if you agree to abide by them, register for your free account. Next, follow the directions provided in the new user registration email to create your listing(s). All listings are created as ‘draft’ listings by default, not visible to searchers, until the author chooses to ‘publish’ them. This allows authors to take as much time as they need to complete and polish their listings before making them available for search by agents, publishers and producers. When you’re ready to publish your listing, use the Vault’s Contact Us form to request publication of your listing, bypassing the site’s PayPal payment processing and alerting a Publetariat admin to enroll you in the Vault University Author Platform/Promo curriculum at no charge. You will receive an email with your login information for Vault U.

Here’s some information about Vault U. from the Vault U. site:

Vault University is an offshoot of the Publetariat Vault, and is brought to you by Publetariat. Vault U. provides lessons in self-publishing, author platform and book promotion free of charge for authors with published Vault listings, and offers enrollment on a fee basis for all other authors. 

Vault U. offers a Publishing curriculum and an Author Platform/Promotion curriculum, with a new lesson posted to each curriculum at the beginning of each month. Vault U. enrollees have direct access to instructors via the comment forms provided at the end of each lesson, which ‘students’ can use to get answers to their specific questions about the lesson, or to further discuss any aspect of the lesson. Click here to learn more about Vault University, here to view a sample Vault U lesson, and here to view the What Goes Into an Author Press Kit portion of the Vault U lesson entitled ‘Your Marketing/Distribution Plan’.

Approximately two weeks prior to the end of June, 2010, all Vault-listed authors will receive an email reminding them that the free listing period is drawing to a close, and asking them to either cancel their listings or renew them at the usual rate of $10 per month. Authors who wish to cancel their Vault listings but remain enrolled in Vault U. will be able to do so by switching to paid enrollment at the usual rate of $5 per month. 


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