My Bio:


I was born in rural Wyoming during a June snowstorm. The wide open spaces of Wyoming’s high plains provided the perfect place for me to grow and develop a keen imagination. It was working ranches along the Laramie River that help me develop an ability to write from a cowboy perspective: sparse, direct, and from the heart.


I attended Colorado State University, graduating with a degree in veterinary medicine. I make Denver my home with my wife Shirley. Together, we have four children and six grandchildren. I have written three books: Ghosts of Leadville, a book of poetry and photography about Leadville, Colorado, Men Are, short story fiction about the loves, lives, and feelings of men as they age, and Scraps, my latest book of fictional fragments.


When not writing, bicycling, photographing, or reading, I perform orthopedic surgery for dogs and cats.


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