Obtaining Trade Reviews

We all appreciate reviews. Reviews from other writers, especially can help us focus on areas we have overlooked when polishing our manuscripts. I’ve been very fortunate in having received real, usable notes over the years from agents, editors and other writers, that have helped me make my first novel, The Red Gate, as good as I can make it. 

When the time comes to sell the novel, however, the only review that is important, is the one that comes from the trade.  Without trade reviews, the work, no matter how good, can languish.  That’s where I am now, seeking a pathway into one of the bastions of Big Publishing: The Trade Review.  I’ve found that trade reviewers rarely will even glance at a self-published novel — no matter the genre — well excepting Romance, which seems to always have a ready market.   Despite many TRADE JOURNALS acknowledging the advent of POD as the vanguard of the next big thing, they persist in perpetuating the old saw, that if you publish your own work, it’s because the work is not good enough for a REAL publisher.

Do any of you in the Publetariat ether, have any experiences obtaining trade reviews of their work, that I might implement in getting the word out?






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  1. RL Sutton August 31, 2009 at 2:00 pm #

    Maybe not.  I’ve gotten nowhere trying to climb the rungs of the mainstream machine to get my book reviewed, but I have found a few Indie Reviewing Sites online.  I’ve also been able to get some local press, at least — a full half page including my slant on POD also being a greener way to publish (not folding green, leafy greens!).  It may also prove to be greener in the first sense as well: read "Say No! to Your Publisher’s Advance" here in the Publish Section. It will open your eyes. It did mine.

    Two Sites I can recommend as providing fair, non-anti-POD biased reviews:



    I’ll let you know when I actually get reviewed, as the wait is long.

    Still, obtaining a review from an actual trade source — even an Indie Trade Source — can at the very least provide me some publicity fodder I can add to my online exposure, my emails, my blogs and my own site.


  2. Anonymous September 7, 2009 at 3:49 pm #

    I launched my self-pub book a week ago, and have been amazed by the trade reaction. Far from the expected door in face,I’ve found mainstream lit journalists actually asking if they can buy and review the book.


    On my blog I posted a week or so ago about "chutzpah, cheekiness, and chance" (http://www.agnieszkasshoes.blogspot.com)

    So much ofit comes down to making yourself part of the community – a long, long time before you’ve got a book to launch. And not because you want reviews – just because you want to be part of it. They’ll welcome you with open arms

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