Here I am — warts and all!

I’m Richard L Sutton — Richie to my buddies, and much worse, sometimes.  I’m hoping to discover why my new personal pronoun, Indie Author is a good thing, among my peers and hopefully among the reader market.

I’ve been writing since before I left college in 1970, but I had to wear a lot of different hats, first. Finished my first novel 6 years ago, behind the cash register of our family business.  We moved that online in 2007 and now I don’t have any excuses left — it’s onwards and outwards.

My first novel, The Red Gate a 386 page historic fantasy set in 1912 Co., Mayo Ireland was published in April via CreateSpace and is available in their E-store, and on Amazon. I hope those who like a traditional family saga with a twist will take a look at the preview Amazon has posted and leave me some comments, especially after buying the book!

I’m also enjoying the communities on Litopia and Authonomy, where I have gotten some very good criticism and ideas for marketing. I look forward to some rousing dialog on these pages — sadly, I don’t tweet, though.  Truth be told, my eyes are too old to see those teeny, tiny buttons.