LIVE streaming Internet Radio (Talk) Show to help promote indie artists

My name is Bobby Ozuna, author of the literary fiction novel: PROUD SOULS, public speaker, ghost-writer and host of a new Internet Radio (Talk) Show called "The Soul of Humanity" My show was designed to offer a platform for independent artists–from musicians to authors–and promote their efforts to create success within their passions. I have also begun featuring industry experts, such as a lecture agent, a marketing agent (coming soon) and industry leaders pertinent to the world of indie arts.

"The Soul of Humanity" streams LIVE every Wednesday night @ 7PM CST via the Artist First (World) Radio Network and reaches a world wide listening audience of over 7,000 listeners with an archive feature, so your fans and followers can catch re-broadcasts of your show at any time and any date.

To help indie artists who are not ready for an interview, I offer a "plug" feature where for a simple $10 USD contribution via PayPal, you can have your book or CD title, your name and a brief description of your product plugged LIVE to my listening audience at $10 per show/week.

If you are interested in sponsoring the show or being a guest, or simply having your work plugged LIVE to my world-wide listening audience, please contact me here:

…supporting the independent arts…

~Bobby Ozuna  | "Drawing Stories…With Words"