Choosing Strength

"The economy is down. You can be up.

Times are tough. You’re tougher.

The recession is depressing. You don’t have to be.


I received this in an email from, a motivation coaching service, and thought it makes a good mantra. Here’s the other part :

"It’s our choice to be powerful or powerless. We need support and encouragement right now. We need to remember how strong we are, how capable we are, how invincible we are."

I’ve had a real struggle this week with depression. I’ve decided to quit watching the news. I don’t need to hear any more crap. I know I’m now going to have to work at my day job/career for as long as I breathe, that quite a lot of what I’ve saved as a small business owner has evaporated. Oh well. It wasn’t really there to begin with!

As an independent publisher, i want to put my new book out there. I wanted to get it out last fall – when the economy tanked, I felt I needed to wait.

Well, I don’t want to wait much longer. I’m determined to find a way, even if I have to go through Booksurge. As long as it gets out there!