Affordable Advertising

From the Publetariat Editor’s Desk: 

A major challenge facing indie authors, small imprints and freelance author services professionals is promotion. 

Advertising on heavily-trafficked sites is typically too expensive for indies and freelancers, but the more affordable ads on smaller sites may not get the traffic needed to make the investment worthwhile. 

This week, Publetariat is rolling out its paid advertising program.  Now, you can get your ad in front of the thousands of people who visit Publetariat each day for just US$32 – $75 per week when you book for a whole month, and US$50 – $100 per week when you book one week at a time. Even if you want to go crazy and book the most premium ad slot, right beneath the login block on the front page of the site, for a whole month, it’ll only set you back US$300. Ad space can be reserved weeks or even months in advance, to synchronize your ad’s timing with your book, site, product or service launch.

But that’s the pricing for just anyone off the street, we can do better for our friends.  Registered members are entitled to a 15% discount off regular rates. 

Since its launch on 2/11/09, Publetariat has quickly gone viral and already has an Alexa traffic rank in the top 3.66% of all websites worldwide.  But Alexa ranks are based on a 3 month average; since Publetariat has only been open to the public for 25 days, its adjusted rank is actually in the top 1.33%.  Publetariat is already averaging 5,000 hits per day, our RSS feed has received over 4,500 hits in the past 25 days, and average time spent on the site per visitor is 8 minutes.

To view Publetariat’s full ad rate card with booking information, click here.

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