Signing in from Colorado

Hey all,

My name is Doyce Testerman and I live near Denver, Colorado.


At this point I have not been part of any self-published fiction, though I have work as an editor on a number of gaming-related books that have been released through Lulu and a few other PoD sites.  I currently have an agent representing one of my novels (a mystical realism story called Hidden Things) to traditional publishers, though I’ve grown weary of feedback that says "we love it, it’s so tight and focused and fun; we’d like to talk about a sequel or series… but can you add first 25 pages — we don’t know… somewhere?"  Grr.


I’ve also had several short stories published in anthologies with traditional publishers and online fiction mags.


I’ve been involved with the indie press revolution in the roleplaying game industry (where, like rock and roll and art, ‘indie’ is actually a positive thing) and I’m starting to see that kind of movement in fiction publishing, which excites me.

I just need to jump in the water and figure out this ‘swimming’ thing.