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Publetariat is the premier online news hub and community for indie authors and small imprints.  Publetariat went viral within its first week of launch and has consistently ranked in the top 5% of traffic for all websites worldwide ever since according to websitegrader, which gets its traffic figures from Alexa.  You can verify Publetariat’s current traffic rank by running the URL through websitegrader.

Publetariat is open to targeted advertising only: advertising for products and services directly or indirectly related to books, authorship, author services, publishing and self-publishing.  Ads for self-published books and indie imprints are also welcome. 

Animations are acceptable within the body of the ad graphic, but drop-downs, zoom-outs, gatefolds and any other form of animation that will enlarge the size of the ad or otherwise obstruct adjacent site content are not acceptable.  Sound is not acceptable.

Two 150×200 ad slots are available in the left-hand column of the front page and each department page.  The first is immediately beneath the left-hand navigation menu and the second is between the two sitewide RSS news feeds (see front page of the site to see exactly where the two ads are located).   

Front Page – home page of the site

1 week – US$350, 2 weeks US$650, 3 weeks US$900, 4 weeks US$1200

All Departmental Pages (excluding Terms of Use page and Contact Us page, which carry no paid advertising):

1 week – US$300, 2 weeks US$550, 3 weeks US$750, 4 weeks US$1000 

Note that while the right-hand column of the site contains a random-rotator ad box, ads in the left-hand column are static and exclusive—once a given ad slot is purchased, only the purchaser’s ad will display in the purchased spot for the paid period.   

Publetariat reserves the right to take the site offline for scheduled maintenance for up to two hours in any week (though in practice, site maintenance is generally only necessary once every few months), and advertising will not display during that time.  Such maintenance is always scheduled for times when site traffic is lowest.

Advertisers must provide artwork sized to 150×200 with a filesize no larger than 1200kb, as well as the desired alternative text to display when site visitors mouse over the ad and the full text of the hyperlink to be embedded in the ad. 

Please contact for more information or to book an ad.