The POD Pocket Guide to Marketing & Selling Your Book on Amazon

Have you written a book? Self-published it? Need to know what to do next? It’s time to market and sell your book! But where do you start?


In today’s growing technological society, the internet is the best place to start promoting yourself as an author. You can write a book, publish a book, and market it all on the World Wide Web. But again, where do you start? is the world’s largest online bookseller today, but at times, it can be quite overwhelming. There are lots of pages of books with lots of links to take you to lots of different places. But you only have to start with one page…your book’s page.


Everything you need to successfully market and sell your book is right there on your book’s own product page. And everything you need to know to get started is in this book! The Deluxe POD Pocket Guide to Marketing & Selling Your Book on Amazon now includes The POD Diary, the candid story of one self-published author’s journey in the world of POD.


Just want the goods, and not the diary? No worries.  There’s a condensed version also available.

Also downloadable to your Kindle here!

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