Another day at the keys.

   After finishing a project to the point of publishing a new book, I find myself sitting at the keys of my computer staring at a blank screen.  My adrenalin in high and I have a hard time sitting still.  It is my time to write and write I will even if it kills me.

   Story after story pushes to the fore front of my thoughts and begs for release. There are so many words that want out of my head it is hard to choose which ones to type.  Some times I think it would be easier if I had writers block.

   To calm my self, I pull up the published manuscript and find the minor mistakes that slipped through the editing cracks.  "OMG," I think, "how can I let anyone see this."  I want to hide in a closet with embarassment.

   Then I push myself up to the computer and let the emotional turmoil roll out of my fingures.  Somehow it turns into words.  Sometimes it is good and sometimes not, but I have taken my turn at the keys and met my goal of typing for the day.

   Day after day I will do this until one day I find the story to focus on.  Soon the production begins and I find myself anticipating the publication of another book.

   I promise myself, "soon I will find that groove." Until then, "It’s just another day at the keys."