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Which eBook Publishing Platform is Best?

This post by Kristen Eckstein originally appeared on The Future of Ink on 3/13/15. Before we get too deep into answering this question, know upfront this is like asking a mother of three which child is her favorite. Each platform comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. Digital publishing is a huge all-encompassing world of everything […]

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Smashwords and OverDrive to Bring 200,000+ Indie Ebooks to 20,000+ Public Libraries

This post by Mark Coker originally appeared on the Smashwords blog on 5/20/14. Imagine if your indie ebook was purchasable by thousands of public libraries around the globe. Now imagine no more. Smashwords today announced an agreement to supply more than 200,000 titles to OverDrive, the world’s largest library ebook platform. OverDrive powers the ebook […]

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Scribd.com: Opt-in, Turn-on, Opt-out?

This post by Rich Meyer originally appeared on Indies Unlimited on 3/7/14. For those of you who may have missed the news, Smashwords.com is now distributing their books to Scribd.com, an online e-book subscription service. If you’re not familiar with Scribd, think of them as the Spotify or Netflix Streaming of e-publishing: Subscribers pay a […]

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