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Why Google Book Search Is A GOOD Thing For Indies

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Google Book Search lately. Mainstream publishers and authors are variously confused, angry or nervous about GBS, but for indie authors and small imprints, it’s all good.

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Are You Struggling Over A Small Readership?

This article, by James Chartrand, originally appeared on the Men With Pens site on 3/27/09. How many people read your blog? 1,000? 500? 300? Maybe even just 100 readers or less. Those numbers might discourage you. Just 100 readers. That’s nothing, you think. You look at the big blogs you admire, and with a low […]

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<p><em>This piece, by Wil Wheaton, originally appeared on the </em><a href="http://www.enduserblog.com/"><em>End User blog</em></a><em> on 3/27/09.</em></p>
<p><em>"2009 is the year that print on demand goes mainstream." – <a href="http://warrenellis.com/">Warren Ellis</a></em></p>

2009: The Year Print On Demand Goes Mainstream

This piece, by Wil Wheaton, originally appeared on the End User blog on 3/27/09. "2009 is the year that print on demand goes mainstream." – Warren Ellis

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AL Kennedy

The Psychology of Writing, Pt. 2 – Writing For A Living: A Joy Or A Chore?

Publetariat’s series on the psychology of writing continues with this piece, which originally appeared on The Guardian UK site on 3/3/09. Colm Tóibín claims he does not enjoy writing very much. Do other authors share his view?

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Adverbidly Yours

This post, by Janice Hardy, originally appeared on her The Other Side of the Story blog on 3/24/09. Adverbs. Writers the world over just shuddered when I said that. The experts tell us to never use adverbs. Adverbs are bad, adverbs are evil, adverbs will sneak into your room late at night and strangle you […]

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The Dreaded Moment of Suck

This piece, by Alison Janssen, originally appeared on the Hey, There’s A Dead Guy In The Living Room blog on 3/29/09. In it, Ms. Janssen talks about that dreaded moment of self-doubt many authors and, apparently, editors sometimes feel when looking back over a finished manuscript: the (hopefully) fleeting moment when you’re absolutely certain the work […]

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read this b4 u publish :-)

This article, by Max Leone, originally appeared on the Publisher’s Weekly site on 11/10/08. A 13-year-old boy tells the industry what teens want.

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The Dragon's Pool Preview on CreateSpace's new tool

Since the 3rd Book of The Jade Owl Legacy Series – The Dragon’s Pool, is nearing publication in early May, I decided to use CreateSpace’s kool new PREVIEW tool to get feedback on the first chapter. Here’s the link: https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1056199 Ed Patterson

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Publetariat Joins The BookLife Network

Publetariat is now part of Publisher’s Weekly’s BookLife network! 

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<p><em>This blog post, by Angela James, executive editor for </em><a href="http://www.samhainpublishing.com/"><em>Samhain Publishing</em></a><em>, originally appeared on her </em><a href="http://nicemommy-evileditor.com/blog/"><em>Nice Mommy - Evil Editor blog</em></a><em> on 3/26/09. In it, she discusses how Twitter's 140-character limit presents authors with an opportunity to hone a book pitch.</em></p>

What Twitter Can Do For Your Pitch

This blog post, by Angela James, executive editor for Samhain Publishing, originally appeared on her Nice Mommy – Evil Editor blog on 3/26/09. In it, she discusses how Twitter’s 140-character limit presents authors with an opportunity to hone a book pitch.

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The Future of Publishing, As Seen From The Future of Publishing

This piece originally appeared on The Bookish Dilettante on 2/23/09. Today – the Bookish Dilettante happily yields the floor to a new voice – Mr. Aaron Hierholzer. Aaron, a young gun in the publishing world, attended this year’s TOC conference, and has graciously offered up his observations. With no futher ado, Mr. Aaron Hierholzer…

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Hello from a newcomer

I’m enjoying turning my stories into books which are softcover and self published.  My best seller is an Amish Story titled "Christmas Traditions – An Amish Love Story"  ISBN 143824889X sold by Amazon or through me at booksbyfay@yahoo  210 pages

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Copyrighting Your Work 101

This post, from the Open Publishing Lab at New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology, originally appeared on the OPL’s Open Publishing Guide site on 1/25/09. Something we get asked about a lot is copyright.  As creators, we want to make sure our work is protected from intellectual property theft, and ensure that we control the publication, […]

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Interview With Doyce Testerman – Twitter As A New Medium In Authorship, Pt. 3

Parts one and two of this series offered an interview with Doyce Testerman, an author who’s writing experimental fiction on Twitter, the micro-blogging web application which allows a maximum length of 140 characters (including spaces).  Today the series concludes with a survey of Twitter projects in authorship and books.

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Ed Patterson Interviewed by Amanda Young

I gave an Interview on Amanda Young’s Romance website, complete with excerpts and covers. Come take a look and let me know what you think. http://www.amandayoung.org/blog/ Edward C. Patterson http://www.dancaster.com

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