Mainstream Publishers: Some Perspective

April Hamilton posted about mainstream authors defining legitimacy for other writers.   Ignoring for a moment the fact that writing is a very personal endeavor with very personal wants and needs attached to it, that are unique to every writer, I want to talk about what mainstream publishing is to a writer.  

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A book from an author you might not want to support

Bestselling Author JA Konrath Thinks You're Delusional

In a blog post dated 2/25/09, bestselling detective/crime author JA Konrath says, among other things: "Are you confident or delusional? Chances are high the delusional people will believe they’re confident, since self-awareness is in short supply in the writing community.  Here are some questions to ask yourself. Have you been published by an impartial third […]

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BLUE LINE PUBLISHING HOUSE, INC. has done it! THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE by MICHAEL PHELPS is now available in Hardcover – First Edition for just $27.95! It can be bought at: And soon at other fine outlets.    

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Self-Publishing And Quality: Mutually Exclusive Terms?

Self-publishing your book, like everything else, has its pros and cons. In my view, the biggest of the pros is that you have complete control over your work; the worst of the cons is that no mainstream reviewer – someone who might really be able to help get your book in front of a lot […]

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My Big Rant On Self-Publishing

This piece, by Jane Friedman of Writer’s Digest, originally appeared on her There Are No Rules blog on 2/27/09. I can’t tell you how tired I am of hearing people bash self-publishing. The things I hear usually fall into two categories:  

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Write Resources List – where to get help with craft

Inkalicious Writer’s Cheat Sheets – from plotting to writing sex scenes, from editing to pitching, it’s all here Lightning Bug – helping you write a story from beginning to THE END Caro Clarke’s Writing Advice articles – character, dialog, pacing and more Juiced On Writing – the writing process: tips, techniques & how-tos Archetype Writing – […]

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Advertisements For Yourself: Can, and Should, Book Authors Become Brands?

This piece, by Jill Prulick, originally appeared on The Big Money on 1/28/09. People in the book business rarely agree on much, but no one disputes that the long-suffering industry is slogging through one of its worst periods ever. Editors are freezing their acquisition budgets; publishing houses are shrinking; booksellers are teetering on the edge […]

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Book publishers, R.I.P.?

This piece, by Novella Carpenter, was originally published on, the online arm of The San Francisco Chronicle, on 2/24/09. In this bad economy, it’s tougher than ever to sell books I had always thought that books were recession-proof…

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<p><i>This is a cross-post from <a href="">my Kindle Formatting blog</a>.</i></p>
<p>There have been a couple of really good Kindle 2 reviews in the last day or two, including <a href="">Alexander Falk's</a>, which I found to be a good overview of the changes and adjustments in the K2. What I am going to bring you now is a review of the formatting and book display changes that come to us in the new device, some of which are great and some of which are just going to cause frustration. I'm going to list them in no particular order.</p>

Kindle 2 Review, the Formatting Perspective

This is a cross-post from my Kindle Formatting blog. There have been a couple of really good Kindle 2 reviews in the last day or two, including Alexander Falk’s, which I found to be a good overview of the changes and adjustments in the K2. What I am going to bring you now is a […]

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Andrew Keen Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Us Monkeys

In his book, The Cult of the Amateur: how today’s internet is killing our culture, author Andrew Keen argues that Web 2.0 (content for media consumers created by media consumers) will soon spell the death of Western media culture as we know it. I don’t disagree with him, but unlike Mr. Keen, I don’t think […]

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Mur Lafferty and "New Media"

This post, by Edmund Schubert, originally appeared on his Side-Show Freaks blog, and features a guest post from author Mur Lafferty. A few weeks ago I posted an essay about achieving success in the publishing industry that included a link to an article posted on Time Magazine’s website. One of the people quoted in that Time article was […]

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<p><em>This post, by <a target="_blank" href="">Alexander Falk</a>, was originally published on his <a target="_blank" href="">XML Aficionado</a> blog on 2/24/09.</em></p>
<p>My <a target="_blank" href=""><span style="color: #993300">Kindle 2</span></a> arrived from Amazon today!</p>

Amazon Kindle 2 Review

This post, by Alexander Falk, was originally published on his XML Aficionado blog on 2/24/09. My Kindle 2 arrived from Amazon today!

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O'Reilly Tools of Change (#TOC) Trip Report, Pt. 2

Now that a couple of weeks have passed since the TOC conference, the main thing that has stuck with me is the fact that many—perhaps most—of the mainstream publishing staffers present at the Tools Of Change conference aren’t truly ready to change.

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Overcoming Writer's Block

“You just can’t get there from here.” How many times have you heard that direction-giving joke? But often that line describes a type of writer’s block. You’ve written up to a certain point. You know where you want to go up ahead. But what do you write in between? Personally, I have wasted hours, days, […]

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Social Pressure Can Solve The 'Copying' Problem Even Without Copyright

This article, by Mike Masnick, originally appeared on techdirt on 2/23/09.  from the reputation-is-a-scarce-good dept Whenever we talk about a world without copyright, people chime in about how awful it would be because someone can just "take" someone else’s content and pretend it’s their own. However, that’s not nearly as easy as people make it […]

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