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Being a pantser comes very easily for me. Finding a story to write and filling out a general plot is never hard. But all the rest of the structure and details and the finer points that make a story worth sharing is a lot harder. Part of that is being organized, cause you don’t need much organization for a basic story you just spit out. Elizabeth Spann Craig has been gracious enough to share how she keeps organized. What is your organizational secret?

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Keeping Organized as a Writer

by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Not my car.

Being a writer can involve a lot of clutter.

And I don’t even print things out. I’ve trained myself by this time to work as well on the computer as I used to on paper (that way I don’t have the time-consuming process of transferring notes or manuscript text to the computer later).  But there’s a lot of computer clutter.

I’ve found if I can keep my files organized, it helps me to write a lot faster. That’s because I can quickly access the information I need and keep writing my story without getting distracted by something else on my computer (hello, internet).

Here’s my (current) method, using Word.  I’ve gone through a bunch of different iterations and I’d be interested in hearing how you’ve set your own files up.

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