Quick Link: Paralyzing Fear and Creative Professions

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There seems to be some connection between being creative and fearful. We are capable of imagining great things but the flip side is being able to imagine horrible things too. Whether you suffer from paralyzing fear or know someone who does, this is a great article by  over at All Indies Writers.

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Creative work is unlike any other job you could take on. When you create, you leave a piece of yourself behind for the world to see. There’s a certain amount of vulnerability involved.

That vulnerability can make it difficult to separate you, the artist, from your art. And that can lead to paralyzing fear of sharing your work.

If you’ve ever dreaded sharing a creative project for fear of being judged, you’re not alone.

Many creative professionals go through this, including me.

And, this year, I’ve decided it’s time to tackle this fear and lack of confidence head-on. Are you ready too?

Creative Comfort Zones

The funny thing about creative projects is they aren’t all created equal. (Or at least they aren’t for me.)

Take freelance writing for example, or blogging even.

Those are “easy” creative projects for me in that I don’t have the same kind of vulnerability or attachment I have with other types of art. The same thing is true with photography.

These are things I’m pretty open about sharing.

But that’s far from the extent of my creative interests.