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When we write, we get so deep into the story that sometimes it is hard to see any problems, especially ones that deal with the timeline of the story. But if you have been to any fan sites on the internet, you know your readers will figure out this plot hole fast.  from Standoutbooks will help you take control of time in your story and even use it to enhance your plot.

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Passing Time Is The Secret To Improving Your Story

Time – the fourth dimension, and one over which an author possesses complete control. Like every aspect of a story, the way in which time passes is completely in the author’s hands. That I’m suggesting this is noteworthy may surprise you – you may think that time just happens as you write – but it’s an ability on which many authors fail to capitalize, and that’s frequently to the detriment of their stories.

Yes, as any sci-fi fan will tell you, time can go wrong. More than that, time can go wrong in ways you’ll never even notice, but that will jump out at your readers. Like all our articles, though, this isn’t just a warning; time can also go right, and a compelling sense of time passing can bring a story to life in ways you’d never expect. In this article, I’ll be talking about how authors can take control of time in their stories, and the advantages this can give them in crafting an engaging tale. To do that, let’s start with an example.

Time waits for no man (unless they’re an author)



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