Quick Link: 3 Simple Ways to Win the Argument with Your Inner Critic

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I don’t know about you, but I definitely struggle against my inner critic. And since you can’t always silence them with chocolate and wine, check out Lauren Sapala‘s post on winning arguments with that nagging little voice.

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3 Simple Ways to Win the Argument with Your Inner Critic

by Lauren Sapala

If you’re an artist or a writer—or both—then you know what I’m talking about when I say “inner critic.” It’s not just a way of describing a tendency toward self-judgment. For us, the inner critic is a loud, nasty, disgusting creature who invades our thoughts, whips us mercilessly, and sometimes decides to chain us up in the dungeon.

That might sound extreme, but if you’re an artist or a writer, you know how accurate that description is.

When you’re in that kind of critical head space it can make you feel insane, and like you’re the only one who’s ever gone through this. But, as a coach who works with highly creative people, I can assure you the inner critic visits all of us. Not only that, but it uses the same three arguments over and over as a form of attack. Each one is surprisingly simple, which is probably why they work so well. They have universal appeal to the most vulnerable parts of any human personality.

Here are the Big Three:

You’re Not Working Fast Enough/Doing Enough Work


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