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Blog tours can be a great way to get buzz for your story, but they can also be a lot of work. Make your blog tour work for you with these great tips from at Digital Book World.

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4 Tips for a Successful Ebook Blog Tour

For every genre of ebook, there are hundreds of book bloggers—people who read books and post reviews on their sites. When ebook authors plan their book launches, many of them add blog tours to their marketing plans. A blog tour is series of pre-arranged blog posts, usually scheduled during the months just before and just after a book launch.

The exposure ebook authors receive in blog tours can help jumpstart interest in their book. The book cover will be introduced to all the bloggers’ followers, and an enthusiastic review can generate the buzz a title needs to get off to a strong start.

But blog tours can be a lot of work. And sometimes, especially for first-time self-published authors, blog tours don’t generate as many sales as anticipated.

There are specific steps, though, that you can take to help make your blog tour successful.

1. Start Early and Be a Blogger Yourself

Bloggers are more likely to agree to write a blog post about your book if they already have a relationship with you. That’s why it’s important to start networking as early as possible. If you are a member of your genre’s blogging community, you will have many advantages when your book launches. First and foremost, you will have personal connections with the other bloggers, so they’ll be inclined to read and review your book. People in these networks become friends with other authors and often support each other.

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