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We have talked about having a marketing plan and even a writing plan. Kristen Kieffer thinks we should be looking at it differently, that we need a publishing plan. Head over to She’s Novel to see if you agree.

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How to Create a Smart + Savvy Publishing Plan

Search for planHello again, lovely friends! I’m so happy you’re here because I am super pumped to talk about today’s topic.

Like, SUPER pumped y’all. Why? Because I get a wee bit passionate sometimes, especially when it comes to helping you guys avoid major (and unfortunately all too common) writing mistakes. Let me back up a second.

So you can find writing, publishing, and marketing “rules” all over the internet, right? I mean, plenty of them are right here on this site, so I am totally not against the “rules”. But I’m also not *not* against the “rules”. And that’s because the “rules” are often techniques that reflect a pattern of successful fiction.

In other words, the “rules” are usually backed by data, wisdom, and years of experience.

But they’re also not the total sum of every writer’s experience ever. We’re all different, and so while most of us (and most of our stories) can benefit from following classic writing “rules”, there are also the outliers. The marks that fly waaaay off the graph.

Catch my drift?

And so, while I’m 100% positive that this relatively new writing “rule” we’re going to talk about today works for some people, I don’t think it has nearly enough time, research, data, and experience to back it up. What “rule” am I getting at here?

I’m talking about the idea that you need to start publishing ASAP if you want your best chance at success.

I’ve seen this advice everywhere lately, and I get where it’s coming from. It’s implying two things, really:

A) That it’s going to take time to begin building your readership, so you should start now.

B) That your first published book is unlikely to be your best, so you might as well get it out of the way and start working on the next one.

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