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Are you a little iffy on your rhetorical devices and want to add a little spice to your writing, no matter the genre? Jamie Gold has got you covered by helping you learn more about these literary tools and how you can use them to enhance your writing.

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Strengthen Your Writing with Rhetorical Devices

by Jami Gold on June 30, 2016

toolkit-lite-plus-icon_myuiqpuu_lSome in the literary community assume that genre writers don’t care about the deeper aspects of writing craft. While it’s true that literary fiction is more well-known for its use of figurative and lyrical language, genre fiction can use the same literary tools.

Now, if you’re anything like me, and your English or grammar instruction was less than ideal, you might not be familiar with the term rhetorical devices. I certainly wasn’t.

When I first heard the term, I assumed it had something to do with arguing or making a point, like a rhetorical question. Eh, in a way, I wasn’t too far off. But once I did learn about them, I quickly became aware of how using rhetorical devices can strengthen our writing—even if we’re writing genre stories. *grin*

What Are Rhetorical Devices?
Rhetorical devices are simply ways to use language to affect our audience. We probably use several of these methods without realizing there are other similar tools sitting right alongside them in the literary toolbox.

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