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I have to admit I am more pantser than plotter, but I do actuality-sort-of have a general outline. I will run story arcs in my head and organize them before I write. That said I am a big believer in learning the dynamics of good story telling, and a massive believer in lots of editing. So while Larry Brooks’ post at Kill Zone seemed a bit biased towards plotters, the real take away is that it is important to learn the essentials, because you may write it but there is no guarantee anyone will read it.

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A Tale of Two Writers

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Larry Brooks

Guess which one is the evil one?

Guess which one is the evil one?

Adam and Brent (who go by A and B, respectively here in analogy-land). Both have a novel in their heads. Both have big dreams for their books. Both can write sentences that would make the ghosts of Hemingway and John Updike exchange high fives.

Which is why they became writers in the first place.  The reason many of us took up that sword.


Adam’s book is about a guy who loves a woman who doesn’t love him back. That’s all he knows about it when he sits down to write. It’ll come to him. He trusts his gut and the creative process, which is isn’t sure how to explain, because someone told him it is not describable. He’s not really sure why he trusts his gut, but he does.

He’s never read a craft book (other than that damn Story Engineering, which suggests there is actually a wrong way and a better way to structure a story, based on the forces of story that always apply, for better or worse, so screw that…) or been to a writing workshop. But he’s hung out on online forums full of writers who have, who sound like they know what’s up, none of whom have sold anything but are self-published because, as if they could be if they wanted to be, quoting all kinds of folks who say publishing is dead anyhow. These same folks have all read On Writing and hey, if Stephen King can write a novel out of the right side of his head, so can they. And him. Besides, he once saw a DVD based on a Nicholas Sparks novel and he;s pretty sure he can do better.

Adam believes that if you just write, no matter what you write, everything will turn out fine.

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