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We have talked about how important having a good cover is, after all it is what your story is first judged by. But did you know that just having your cover redesigned professionally can do wonders for sales? Jane Friedman explains.

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Book Cover Redesign as Marketing Tool

Posted on June 23, 2016 by Alexander von Ness

Getting professional help is always a good option

Getting professional help is always a good option

Today’s guest post is from graphic designer Alexander von Ness (@AlexandervonNes), founder of Nessgraphica and Bookcoverpedia.
Authors may spend a fortune on book editing, but leave very little for the cover design—thus forgetting that the cover is the reader’s first impression of the book.

If you are a well-known author, your books may sell themselves because readers trust the story or the content, but if you are new, then you need to make a statement with the first thing a reader sees: the book cover design. And if your existing book cover design isn’t currently making a good impression, you may want to consider a professional redesign.

Last year, I had almost the same amount of work with redesigns of already-published books as with new books. Even a simple redesign of a book cover can create miracles marketing-wise. Some authors have even requested redesigns of over ten books after seeing how much a book cover redesign can increase sales. A professional book cover design isn’t just a sign of good content but appreciation of your own hard work.

In the next few examples of real book cover redesigns, I offer a short explanation of the challenges and goals I had in redesigning each cover.

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