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Did you ever wonder when you should hyphenate words? Mark Nichol at Daily Writing Tips has the answers.

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When to Do That Stringing-Words-Together Thing with Hyphens

If only they had a hyphen...
If only they had a hyphen…

By Mark Nichol

When are hyphens required to string together a sequence of words, and when are the hyphens extraneous? The following sentences, each with a discussion and a revision, illustrate the syntactical situations in which they are necessary and when they are superfluous.

1. Who was the behind the scenes negotiator who facilitated the deal?

The negotiator is described as working behind the scenes. When that phrase appears in isolation, as an adverbial phrase rather than as a phrasal adjective modifying a noun that follows, no hyphenation is needed, but here, it serves the latter function: “Who was the behind-the-scenes negotiator who facilitated the deal?”

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