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Morocco’s al-Qarawiyyin University is the worlds oldest continuing working library and soon it will be available for everyone. Road trip? If I only had the money! has the details.

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After renovations wrap up in September, the library at Morocco’s al-Qarawiyyin University will debut an exhibition section for non-scholars

When the library at Morocco’s al-Qarawiyyin University was first built in the 9th century, it was one of the world’s great centers for learning. Scholars from around the world traveled to Fez to visit the library and peruse its books, and today it is the oldest continually operating library in the world, Selina Cheng reports for Quartz. But soon students and researchers won’t be the only ones with access to the storied library. The architect in charge of a lengthy restoration project to the library, Aziza Chaouni, confirmed to that after renovations wrap in September, the library will be debuting a wing for the general public’s use for the first time in history.

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