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I have seen many an April Fools joke about making a perfume that smelled like old books but this is now apparently a real thing.  Boing-Boing has the scoop where you can get both perfume and candles that smell like books.

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Parfumiers are trying to capture the smell of old books

We’ve been writing about the efforts of parfumiers to make book-smell scents (chemistry, product, hoax) for many years, but the reality has been pretty disappointing — I bought some smell early on and found that I ended up just smelling like vanilla.

Finally, the book-smell industry is moving on and up. The market for products that smell like books is ramping up, with dozens of new products, from Demeter Paperback Cologne (“used bookstore”: paper, violets and potpourri) to Byredo M/Mink (smells like ink); to Kilian Water Calligraphy (“blended to reflect a scent of Chinese ink sliding over rice paper”) to Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite 17 Paper & Cotton (“coriander, white sage, birch wood, and tundra moss”); and Paper Passion (“the unique bouquet of freshly printed books”).

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