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5 Signs It May Be Time to Publish a Print Book from a Kindle Version

April 18, 2016

Woman sitting at the table with laptop and booksWhen is it the right time to publish a print book from a Kindle version?

When you publish a book I typically recommend you publish a Kindle book first. Why? Because it is so much easier. It’s an easier process, it’s less expensive, and it just simply gets you used to the process of publishing, getting something out there, testing the market, see how it does, and then see if you want to invest in a print book. But, what do you do then when you do want to publish a print book?

Sign #1: Your Book is Selling Well

The first thing you want to look at is, what are the sales for your Kindle book? Is it selling well? So that’s the first sign you may want to publish it as a print book, it is selling well.

We love sales right? Woo-Hoo!

One of the biggest things that authors write me and ask me about, “how can I sell more books?” One of the things is, if your Kindle book is selling well, if you then repurpose it into a print book guess what? You’re most likely going to increase the sales of that book because there’s going to be people that want both versions. So, that’s the first sign.

Sign #2: Your Customers Are Asking For It

The second sign is customers are asking you for it. I have customers that will write me.

As a matter of fact, just this week I had somebody email me and say, “is your book, Marketing Your Book on Amazon, available in print?”

Currently it’s not, but if you’re starting to get a lot of customers and a lot of people asking you, “is this book available in print?” Guess what you should do? You should probably make it available in print.

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