Quick Link: AA 034: 10 Pages You Should Include in Your Author Website

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This quick link offering is a podcast! Don’t worry if you are not the podcasting type, there is a handy dandy transcript to read as well.  Shelley Hitz lets us know what pages you should include in your author website. If you are a fan of this blog, you know how I feel about author websites!

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AA 034: 10 Pages You Should Include in Your Author Website


Your author website is your home online.  However, have you really thought through the strategy of how to set up your website or simply put something together?  In this episode I want to share with you 10 pages I think every author should include in their website.

Can’t listen right now?  Read the transcript below:

Today I’m rolling out the red carpet and inviting you to join me as I share all about the pages you should have on your author website. My name is Shelley Hitz and I love being able to offer the content to you on this podcast each week, but I have just been crazy busy this last couple months. You may have noticed, especially the last month, a lot of my episodes have been interview episodes. That is just simply because I have been so focused on so many projects.

This last week I published a new book, The 90 Day Writing Journal, so fun. it’s a print book, spiral bound, you can find it on Amazon. I also launched my sales page for coloradowritingretreat.com, I’m so excited about this. I found an amazing chalet in the Rocky Mountains that I’m renting in September. I’m going to have a small group come and get some writing done with me.

Wow, it has been really busy and really crazy. So I’m glad to be back with you on this episode to really teach you and train you on this topic of websites, because I believe you have a God given message to share with the world. The question is, are you ready to shine?

It’s time for this week’s Center Stage Spotlight Training. This is where I share training and strategies to help you grow your business or ministry through writing and publishing books, marketing online, and creating products and services to sell on the back-end. I’m not just about books, but so much more. I’m here to help you connect with your audience in the best way possible. Today’s episode is all about your website, Episode 34 titled 10 Pages You Should Include in Your Author Website. I know this is going to help you come one step closer to bringing your message to people. So, be prepared to shine.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I talk about the promotion pyramid. It’s actually a training that you can download for free at promotionpyramid.com. In that you will discover three things every author needs to have as part of their marketing plan. One of those is your website, so that’s what I’m going to be talking about today; your author website.

What should your main goal of your author website be? It should be to connect with your readers and build a relationship where they grow to know, like, and trust you. This is the basis of all marketing; building that relationship. Before we get into the strategy of the pages you should include on your website please just breathe. Let’s breathe together.

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