Anyone else taking the Goodreads 2016 challenge?

Anyone else taking the Goodreads 2016 challenge?

Part of being a good writer is being a good reader. Goodreads is having a challenge, where you pledge how many books you are going to read. I did it last year but forgot to register my books. I am vowing to do better this year, but have kept my goal low since I really want to be able to put some time into Publetariat. If I can read a new book, once a month, and remember to log it, I will be quite happy. There are giveaways as well! Let us know how many books you are planning to read in the comments! We can cheer each other on!

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Want to Read More This Year? Join the 2016 Reading Challenge!

Forget about drinking more water or getting in shape! Our favorite New Year’s resolution is definitely this: Read More Books. And we’re guessing it’s yours, too. Make it easier by creating a reading goal and tracking your progress with the 2016 Reading Challenge on Goodreads!

Will it be one book every other month? Or maybe one book a week? A day? It’s up to you! Your goal can be any size. To get started, just choose the number of books you’d like to read this year.

Not sure what to read next? Don’t worry! Here are a few ways to build your want-to-read list on Goodreads:

Recommendations: To get recommendations tailored just for you, rate books you’ve already read. The more books you rate, the better your recommendations will be!
Giveaways: Did you know you can enter book giveaways for a chance to win free books?
Lists: You can also browse the thousands of lists on Listopia—where you’ll find categories ranging from classic (Best Books of the 21st Century) to niche (Best Alpha Male Alien Meets Human Heroine Romance).
Goodreads Choice Award winners: Peruse the results of the recently announced 2015 Goodreads Choice Awards, with winners and runners-up in 20 categories!

And it never hurts to have some social support when working toward a goal, so check out the many Goodreads groups that host reading challenges across every topic, theme, and genre imaginable.