Improve your Work Space, Increase your Productivity

This post by Marie Leslie originally appeared on her site on 6/10/13.

Do you start your work day with the best of intentions–and then find, hours later, you’ve gotten nothing done?

Your problem just might be your desk. If you improve your work space, you can also improve your productivity.

For most people, your desk makes up the biggest part of your work space. Organizing your desk to eliminate distractions can help you improve productivity. If you need to clean the desk start with the that. Need some help with a desk-cleaning project? I can get you started here.

If your desk isn’t piled too deep with stuff you might just need a little help to improve your work space. Here are four tips to put you back on the path to work space productivity.


Ditching desktop distractions can help you stay focused on your work.


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