How “Sacred” Is A Print Book?

This post by Alexander M. Zoltai originally appeared on his Notes From An Alien site on 12/30/14.

The raging argument over print vs e-books—carried out, still, in some of the media—perhaps igniting physical confrontations on a few campuses—a false argument, in my experience…

I read both—both have value to me…

But, there are differences—I can underline a print book but only highlight an e-book—different actions, in my experience.

The New York Review of Books has an article by Tim Parks about underlining and writing in the margins—A Weapon for Readers.

As is my usual reportorial practice, I’ll give you a few excerpts, hoping you’ll read the full article:

“This extravagant regard…is reflected in the treatment of the book itself. The spine must not be bent back and broken, the pages must not be marked with dog ears, there must be no underlining, no writing in the margins.”


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