I Am Not For Everyone (And Neither Are You)

This post by Jessica Lawlor originally appeared on her site on 11/17/14.

You know what can really hurt sometimes?

Getting negative feedback about something you’ve created. Losing followers online. Unsubscribes from your newsletter. Hearing that someone has said something mean or untrue about you.

Here’s an example: last week I crafted my first-ever Get Gutsy blog community survey. For the most part, the results have been fantastic. I’m learning A TON about what you want, what you enjoy and what could make the Get Gutsy experience even better for you.

However, on the flip side, there have been just a handful of comments that made me stop in my tracks and go “HUH?!” But after that initial sting and singing “Hater’s gonna hate, hate, hate” in my head a couple of times, I tell myself to get over it.

I remind myself of the following:

I am not for everyone.

As much as I’d love for everyone to like me and my blog, it’s simply not the case.

We cannot let the opinions of others’ define our worth.

You are not for everyone, too.


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