How to Create an Audiobook with ACX

This post by JD Smith originally appeared on Words With Jam on 9/23/14.

ACX is a service provided by Amazon where authors can hook up with narrators and turn their book into an audio book for distribution through Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Up until this year the service was only available in the US, but now it’s available in the UK. Over the last few months I’ve been working with narrator Paul Hodgson on by book The Rise of Zenobia. You can listen to a sample here.


What does ACX actually do?

ACX is basically the interface you use to meet narrators, and deal with all the contractual information once you’ve found a narrator you want to work with. They check the recording quality of audio submitted before it’s put through for distribution. And they also provide a dashboard to keep track of sales and payments.


How do I start?

You log in using your Amazon account and the set up is fairly minimal. ACX pulls most of the information of your book from Amazon and you then add a bit more information, to make your book enticing, such as review quotes and possibly sales figures.


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