The Ideas Have It

This post by Philip Jones originally appeared on Futurebook on 8/12/14.

When The Bookseller launched the FutureBook Hack earlier this year, I wrote that the “book business has a remarkable record in publishing innovation, and a terrible reputation for digital inertia”. Part of the reason for this is that there are more ideas about this business, and what might be changed about how we go about the business, than there is capacity within it for the ideas to be given the oxygen they need. Just last month I noted a list of ten innovations I thought deserved greater attention, and last week Porter Anderson interviewed Headline’s Ben Willis, the person behind, an idea which I cruelly left off my original list.

At the FutureBook Conference last year we asked a panel of industry experts for their big ideas. Each speaker got 5 minutes to pitch one way in which the industry could improve. The ideas looked at adapting to a shifting digital landscape, cultivating innovation and how to make the most of technological changes.


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