"I'll Do It Myself!"

This post by Kate Siegel Bandos originally appeared on San Francisco Book Review on 6/26/14.

Those of us who were raised with classic nursery rhymes and stories know it was The Little Red Hen who said, “I’ll do it myself…and she did.” (http://www.storybus.org/stories_and_activities/the_little_red_hen/story)

Also, anyone who has been around a two-year-old may hear “I’ll do it myself!” multiple times a day.

However, when an author continually says to me, “I’ll do this myself…I’ll do that myself,” I now try to gently explain to them how this might be detrimental to them and their book.

The reality in publishing is that there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week for one person to do it all themselves.

Do you fix your own car? Do you cut your own hair? Do you make all your clothes? Do you grow ALL your own food? Few of us are a “jack of all trades.”

So when you are deciding to write, design, publish, promote, and market your book, and handle everything yourself, think again. Be aware of your strengths and outsource your weaknesses.


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