Appeals Court Reinstates Lawsuit Against Harlequin

This post originally appeared on The Passive Voice on 5/1/14.

Keiler v. Harlequin is a proposed class-action lawsuit by Harlequin authors against Harlequin for actions by the publisher that resulted in massive underpayment of royalties to authors for ebooks. Some authors report receiving as little as six cents in royalties for sales of each of their ebooks by Harlequin. PG has posted about the case previously here, here and here.

The trial court ended up giving HQ a win, but the authors appealed. Today, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the trial court on one count, allowing the HQ authors a chance to move forward with their case at the trial level. Here’s the appellate court’s summary of its decision:


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Also see this coverage, from The Hollywood Reporter site – Appeals Court: Book Publisher Must Face Self-Dealing Lawsuit “Suing romance novelists believe that Harlequin used foreign subsidiaries to create artificially low net receipts on eBooks”

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